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Chuck - Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker - I'd rather waste my life pretending

Chuck: Hi, my name is Charles Bartowski, but you can call me Chuck. Those are my shoes, this is my life. Its filled with spies, car chases, computer-stealing ninjas and me saving the day

1.crushcrushcrush, paramore If you want to play it like a game, come on, come on let's play. cause I'd rather waste my life pretending than have to forget you for one whole minute. Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone, just the one, two I was just counting on. That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again, let's be more than this.

2.i melt with you, sugarcult Let's stop the world, I'll stop the world and melt with you. I've seen some changes but it's getting better all the time. There's nothing you and I won't do, I'll stop the world and melt with you.The future's open wide.

3.walk on the wild side, lou reed

Chuck: Wait, not yet.
Sarah: Why, what’s the matter?
Chuck: Nothing, it’s just that… this… this’ll probably be the last chance I have to know the truth. I know you’re just doing your job here, but sometimes it feels so real you know? So tell me... you and me, us, our thing under the undercover thing… is this ever going anywhere?
Sarah: …I’m sorry, Chuck. No.
Chuck: Got it. Got it. Thank you for being honest… even though I guess you don’t really have a choice in the matter.

4.almost, bowling for soup You kept me guessing and now I'm destined to spend my time missing you. I almost wish you would've loved me too. here I go thinking about all the things I could've done, I'm gonna need a forklift cause all the baggage weighs a ton. I know we had our problems, I can't remember one. I almost forgot to say anything else, and if I can't fit it in I'll keep it all to myself. I almost wrote a song about you today, but I tore it all up and then I threw it away. And I almost had you, but I guess that doesn't cut it, almost had you and I didn't even know it.

5. never there, cake A golden bird that flies away,a candle stickled flame (hey!) to think I held you yesterday, your love was just a game. take the time to get to know me, if you want me why can't you just show me? We're always on this roller coaster, if you want me why don't you get closer?

Sarah: Talk to me, Chuck.
Chuck: Yesterday I was making $11 an hour fixing computers. Now I have one in my brain and I can't figure out why Bryce did this, why he chose me. What are you going to do with me? What happens now?

6.outta my head (ay ya ya), ashlee simpson And all I hear is ay ya ya ya ya you're talking way too much, I can't even hear me now. All your noise is messing with my head, you're in my head, get outta my head. outta my, outta my head, want you outta my head.

7.dirty little secret, all american rejects Let me know that I've done wrong when I've known this all along. I go around a time or two just to waste my time with you. Tell me all that you've thrown away, find out games you don't wanna play. You are the only one that needs to know, I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

Sarah: No one can know about this, okay? For your own safety.
Chuck: Sure. No one would believe me anyway.

8.i'm not dead, pink You can do the math a thousand ways but you can't erase the facts that others come and others go but you always come back. I'm a winter flower underground always thirsty for summer rain. And just like the change of seasons, I know you'll be back again. I'm not dead just floating. Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you. I'm not scared just changing, right beyond the cigarette and devilish smile, you're my crack of sunlight.

9. cobrastyle, the teddybears

10. kiss off, the violent femmes I need someone a person to talk to someone who'd care to love, could it be you? could it be you? Situation gets rough then I start to panic, it's not enough it's just a habit, hey kid you're sick. Well darling this is it. You can all just kiss off into the air. Behind my back I can see them stare. They'll hurt me bad, but I won't mind. They'll hurt me bad, they do it all time.

11. forget about you, graham colton We'd spend every day and night and never left each other's side, but I never asked you what you're thinking. Cause it's been one year to the day, and here we are now face to face, now it feels like I am slowly sinking down. Every night I stayed up thinking my mind's made up, every memory I hold on to. If I could only have a minute, I know how I'd spend it saying everything I feel for you. I feel for you.

Sarah: I was wondering if you’d show me around… that is, if you’re free?
Morgan: He’s free. He’s got nothing but time on his hands. He’s very available.
Chuck: Apparently, my schedule’s wide open.

12. i'd lie, taylor swiftI could tell you his favorite colors green, he loves to argue, born on the seventeenth. His sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes. and if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie. He looks around the room, innocently overlooks the truth. Shouldn't a light on on? Doesn't he know I've had him memorized for so long? He sees everything black and white, never let nobody see him cry. I don't let no body see me wishing he was mine.

13. konstantine, something corporate could you let me go? I didn't think so. and you don't wanna be here in the future. So you say the present's just a pleasant interruption to the past. And you don't wanna look much closer, cause you're afraid to find out all this hope you had sent into the sky by now had crashed. And it did, because of me.

14. superspy, save ferris Next night I went on a date runnin' to the movies late. I recognize that coat and hat, puffin' on a cigarette. Cruisin' my house, buggin' my phone, when will I be left alone? why's he following me? everywhere I go, superspy blow! then I saw that man, in his black suit and cadillac. Why's he followin gme? everywhere I go, superspy I see, whoa, I see.

15. gone daddy gone, violent femmes Beautiful girl lovely dress, High School smiles oh yes. Beautiful girl lovely dress, where she is now I can only guess. cause it's gone daddy gone. Your love is gone, gone daddy gone, the love is gone away. When I see you, eyes will turn blue. When I see you thousand eyes turning blue. Tell by the way you that you switch and walk. I can see by the way that you baby talk, I can know by the way you treat your man, I can love you baby til it's a crying. Beautiful girl lovely dress, 15 smiles oh yes. Beautiful girl lovely dress, where she is now I can only guess.

16. i melt with you, modern english

Sarah: Well it’s hard to have a real relationship in this line of work.
Chuck: Apparently it’s hard to have a fake one as well.
Sarah: Well if it’s any consolation, I never felt like our time together was work.

17. wake up call, maroon five Wake up call, caught you in the morning with another one in my bed. Don't you care about me anymore? Don't you care about me? I don't think so. Six foot tall came without a warning, so I had to shoot him dead. He won't come around here anymore, he won't come around here. I don't feel so bad.

18. my favorite game, the cardigans I don't know what you're looking for, you haven't found it baby that's for sure. You rip me up and spread me all around in the dust of the deed of time. And this is not a case of lust you see. It's not a case of you versus me. It's fine the way you want me on your own, but in the end it's always me alone.and I'm losing my favorite game. You're losing your mind again, I'm losing my baby, losing my favorite game.

Casey: Oh, Sarah's got you all up in a tizzy. Flush out your headgear, new guy. We both know the Intersect needs as much room up there as we can get.
Chuck: Okay, look, nothing is going on, okay?
Casey: Better not be. I need your "A" game tonight. Stay sharp

19. you'll ask for me, tyler hilton Hope you let your intuition precede my reputation, cause I have one. Well I am what you see, I am not what they say. but if I turned out to be, could you love me anyway? Hoping your heart will just wake up and ask for me by name, maybe someday you will ask for me by name. Just not today.

20. short skirt long jacket, cake
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